I believe that art, especially photography, has the power to tell stories, evoke emotions, and capture the essence of human consciousness. 
Each photograph I create is inspired by the world around me, from the mystery of nature to the vibrancy of urban life.
The concept behind my artistic photography is to bridge the gap between the concept of 'nature' and 'portrait,' blending the organic beauty of the natural world with the unique character and emotions of individuals. 
I'm in constant investigation of human consciousness and the interrelationships between them. 
Through my lens, I aim to capture the harmonious coexistence of humanity and nature, emphasizing the connections that bind us to the environment and society.
In my work, you'll find a diverse range of emotions and ideas, from the beauty of a serene landscape to the raw energy of bustling city streets.
 I intend to convey a sense of wonder, curiosity, and contemplation through my photographs. 
I want viewers to pause, reflect, and find their own narratives within each image.
Behind every artwork, there are stories and anecdotes. 
One particular memory that stands out is during a family crisis, long-time sadness, and a very big mental challenge when my mother lost the ability to move due to an incurable disease.
I used the power of nature (in this case a clean and minimalist video shoot of sunset and sunrise, called 'Golden Cage') to maintain balance and security. 
The gaze enabled certainty, stability, and strength. It created a state of view between being on one side operated by our own will and on the other with the ability to choose not to be connected to thoughts, emotions, and reactions.
It was a significant milestone in both my work and myself as a person. From a very private event, I connected to something very universal.
The image may sound corny and perhaps kitschy, but it is the basis of our existence and has contributed to significant growth in my consciousness.
 Therefore, I believe that it can change the perspective of others as well.
I hope that my work not only resonates with viewers but also inspires them to appreciate the beauty and complexity of the world around us."
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