What type of camera equipment do you use?
Mirrorless Sony A72:  
This professional-grade camera is renowned for its exceptional image quality, versatility, and low-light performance. 
It's equipped with a full-frame sensor, providing sharpness and clarity in every shot. 
The Sony A72's advanced autofocus and impressive dynamic range make it ideal for capturing everything from detailed portraits to dynamic outdoor scenes.
iPhone 11: 
Don't underestimate the power of a smartphone camera, especially one like the iPhone 11.  Lightweight and super strong, it's perfect for quick, candid shots that still deliver impressive results. 
With its multiple lenses and computational photography capabilities, it allows us to experiment with creative angles and styles, adding diversity to your photos. 
This iPhone is still the winner of the series for me. 
Olympus mju2:  
This film camera brings a touch of nostalgia and artistry to our work. 
Film photography offers a distinct aesthetic characterized by rich colors and subtle grain, often favored for its timeless appeal. 
The Olympus mju2 allows us to create unique, vintage-inspired images that stand out. 
The model was chosen as one of the best film cameras ever made and has been featured in top recommendations and reviews for years. 
Well-preserved and in excellent condition, it consistently produces great results.

In the event of technical issues, rest assured that I am fully prepared to address them promptly. While I primarily rely on my Sony A72, I  also have a Canon DSLR  camera as a backup, ensuring that your photography session proceeds smoothly.
My proactive approach includes regular maintenance on all my gear, which involves cleaning sensors and lenses, checking battery health, and ensuring all accessories are in working order.
Moreover, I take the precaution of carrying spare batteries and memory cards to prevent disruptions due to power or storage issues. 
My commitment to reliable equipment reflects our dedication to ensuring your photography session flows seamlessly from start to finish.
 Your satisfaction and the quality of my work are paramount, and I leave no detail to chance.
If a project demands specialized equipment that goes beyond my current gear, I am more than willing to explore equipment rental options to ensure that I meet your specific needs. 
My goal is to provide you with the highest quality photography and service, and I'll take every step necessary to achieve that. 
Whether it's renting specific lenses, lighting equipment, or any other specialized gear, I am committed to delivering outstanding results for your project. 
Your vision is our priority, and I will do what it takes to bring it to life. 

Don't judge by flashy advertisements and the relentless pursuit of innovation

Having the latest and most advanced gear doesn't always translate to better photography. 
What truly matters is the synergy between a photographer and their equipment.
 I've discovered that these particular tools have become like trusted companions in my photography journey. 
They've proven to be incredibly convenient and comfortable, allowing me to excel in my work.
It's not just about specifications and cutting-edge features; it's about how a camera feels in your hand, its grip, weight, and how seamlessly it operates. 
These factors play a pivotal role in achieving outstanding results in the field, sometimes even surpassing what more advanced cameras can deliver.

Let me provide you with another example: I employ an old, manual vintage lens in conjunction with my Sony camera. 

This unique pairing allows me to capture photos with a soft, distinctive aesthetic, blending the charm of vintage photography with the precision of modern technology.  
It adds an artisanal touch to my work, which is not obtained in any other new lens I have.
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