1. Portfolio & Style
What is your photography style? (e.g., candid, traditional, artistic, documentary) Do you have experience with the type of photography I'm looking for (e.g., wedding, portrait, event)?
2. Availability & Scheduling:
Are you available on my desired date and time? How far in advance do I need to book a session? What times of day are best for lighting and capturing the desired atmosphere? Do you have a backup plan in case of unforeseen circumstances?
3. Pricing & Packages
Are there any additional costs, such as travel or printing fees? Can I customize a package to better suit my needs?
4. Booking Process
How do I secure a booking? Is there a deposit required? Is it refundable? What are your cancellation and rescheduling policies?
5. Location & Setting
Where does the filming take place? Can you recommend locations that match the style I'm looking for? What if the weather is unfavorable on the day of the shoot? Can you suggest suitable locations based on the type of photography I'm interested in?
6. Duration & Sessions
How long does a typical session last? How many photos will I receive from the session? Do you offer different session lengths?
7. Editing & Delivery
Do you edit the photos? What is your editing process? How long will it take to receive the edited photos? How are the final photos delivered? (e.g., online gallery, USB drive)
8. Rights & Usage
What Are Usage Rights? What Are the Different Types of Usage Rights for Photographs? How Do Usage Rights Impact My Ability to Print, Share, and Use the Photos? What are my usage rights and that of the photographer?
9. Equipment & Backup
What type of camera equipment do you use? Do you have backup equipment in case of technical issues?
10. Experience & Credentials
How long have you been a photographer? Do you have any relevant training or certifications? Can you provide references from past clients?
11. Styling & Poses
What should I wear for the session? Do you provide guidance on what to wear for the session? Do you provide any guidance on poses and expressions? Can I bring props or specific ideas for the shoot? Can you offer suggestions for hair, makeup, and accessories?
12. Payment
When is the final payment due? What payment methods do you accept?
13. Privacy & Consent
How do you handle the privacy of my photos? Will my photos be shared online or in your portfolio?
14. Reviews & Testimonials
Do you have reviews or testimonials from previous clients I can read? Can I see any references or recommendations?
15. Insurance
Do you have liability insurance? Are you insured in case of any accidents during the session?
16. Turnaround Time
How long does it typically take to receive proofs or initial edited photos?
17. Special Requests
Can you accommodate specific requests or themes?
18. - ART WORKS - Editions & Authenticity
Is the photograph part of a limited edition series? How are editions numbered and signed to ensure authenticity? Can you provide a certificate of authenticity with the purchased artwork?
19. - ART WORKS - Exhibition & Display
Can the purchased artwork be displayed in public spaces like galleries or exhibitions? Do you offer guidance on how to frame or display the photograph for an exhibition? Can you recommend the best printing materials for the intended display space? Are there any specific lighting or environmental considerations for preserving the artwork?
20. - ART WORKS - Customization & Sizes
Can I request a different size for the photograph to fit my exhibition space? Do you offer any customization options for the artwork, such as cropping or color adjustments? Are there any limitations to resizing without compromising the quality of the artwork?
21. - ART WORKS - Shipping & Handling
How is the artwork packaged for shipping to ensure its safety during transit? What is the estimated shipping cost and delivery time to my location? Do you provide insurance for the artwork during shipping in case of damage or loss?
22. - ART WORK - Inspiration & Concept
Can you provide insights into the inspiration or concept behind the photograph? What emotions or ideas do you intend to convey through your artistic photography? Are there any stories or anecdotes related to the creation of the artwork?
23. - ART WORKS - Limited vs. Open Editions
Can you explain the difference between limited edition and open edition prints? What are the benefits of choosing one type of edition over the other for my exhibition or collection?
24. - ART WORKS - copyright & Usage Rights
What are the terms of usage for the purchased artwork? Can I display it in public spaces? Do you retain copyright of the photograph, or do I have any rights as the purchaser?
25. - ART WORKS - Collaborative Opportunities
Are you open to collaborating on a custom artistic piece that aligns with a specific theme or concept for my exhibition? Can I commission you to create a unique photograph that resonates with my artistic vision?
26. Prints & Products
Do you offer printing services for the photos? What types of products can I order? Can you recommend framing options for printed photographs?
27. Artwork pricing & payments
What factors are involved the pricing of your artworks?
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