How do you handle the privacy of my photos?
Protecting the privacy of your photos is a top priority for me. 
Here's how I ensure their privacy:
Secure Storage: I store your photos on secure, password-protected devices and cloud storage that only I have access to. These storage solutions are designed to safeguard your images.
Limited Access: I restrict access to your photos to only those team members directly involved in your project. This helps maintain confidentiality.
Privacy Agreements: If necessary, I'm open to signing confidentiality agreements or privacy contracts to provide an additional layer of protection for your images.
Client Control:   Your photos are your property, and I fully respect your control over them. By default, I will not share or distribute your images without your consent. However, unless otherwise specified, I do reserve the right to use these photos to showcase the high-quality work I've produced and the diverse range of projects I've been a part of.
Secure Transfer: When transferring photos electronically, I use encrypted and secure methods to ensure that they are not intercepted or compromised during transit.
Data Backup: I maintain secure and redundant data backups to prevent any data loss due to technical issues.
Selective Sharing: While I may request permission to use your images for promotional purposes, I will always seek your consent before sharing them online or in my portfolio.
I understand the importance of privacy and will take all necessary steps to protect your photos and sensitive information throughout the entire process. If you have specific concerns or requirements related to privacy, please don't hesitate to discuss them with me, and I'll work to accommodate your needs. Your peace of mind is paramount
Will my photos be shared online or in your portfolio?
Yes, I do reserve the right to use photos from all commissioned projects for promotional purposes. 
This allows me to showcase the high-quality work I've produced and the diverse range of projects I've been a part of. 
However, I also highly value your privacy and understand that you may have specific preferences or concerns regarding the use of these photos. 
Your comfort and satisfaction are of utmost importance to me.
If you have any particular requests or conditions related to the usage of your photos, please feel free to discuss them with me. 
I am here to accommodate your needs and ensure that our terms align with your expectations and privacy requirements. 
Open communication is key to a successful collaboration, and I'm dedicated to working together to achieve the best possible outcome for your project.
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