Copyright & Usage Rights
When you purchase one of my artworks, you are acquiring the physical representation of the artwork, but the copyright and intellectual property rights remain with me as the artist.
Usage Terms
The terms of usage for the purchased artwork typically allow you to display it in private spaces, such as your home, office, or personal collection, without any restrictions.
Public Display
If you intend to display the artwork in public spaces like galleries, exhibitions, or commercial settings, I'm open to discussing those specific terms. Public display may involve additional considerations, such as exhibition licensing or usage agreements, which can be arranged on a case-by-case basis.
I retain the copyright of the photograph, which means you do not have the right to reproduce, distribute, or create derivative works from the image without my explicit permission.
Usage Rights
As the purchaser, you have the right to enjoy the artwork for personal use, which includes displaying it in your private spaces and sharing it with a limited audience.
Custom Usage
If you have any custom or specific usage requirements beyond personal display, please feel free to discuss them with me. I'm open to considering individual requests and can work with you to establish mutually agreeable terms.

In summary, while I retain the copyright and intellectual property rights to the photograph, I'm flexible and willing to accommodate your needs for displaying the artwork, whether in private or public settings. 
Please reach out to me to discuss any specific usage scenarios, and we can work together to ensure that the terms align with your goals and requirements.
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