What should I wear for the session?

The choice of clothing largely depends on the type of session and the mood you want to convey. 
We can discuss wardrobe options that align with your vision and the style of the photos.

Do you provide guidance on what to wear for the session?
Absolutely, I'm here to help you make the best choices for your photos. 
I can offer suggestions on clothing that complements the setting and theme we're aiming for.

Do you provide any guidance on poses and expressions?
Yes, I can provide guidance and direction during the shoot to ensure you feel comfortable and look your best. 
Whether you're experienced in front of the camera or not, I'm here to assist you in achieving natural and flattering poses and expressions.

Can I bring props or specific ideas for the shoot?
Certainly! Your input is valuable in personalizing the session. 
Feel free to bring props or share any specific ideas or concepts you have in mind. Together, we can incorporate them seamlessly into the shoot.

Can you offer suggestions for hair, makeup, and accessories?
Of course, I can provide suggestions on hair, makeup, and accessories that complement the chosen style and setting.
 If needed, I can connect you with talented makeup artists and stylists to help you achieve the desired look.

I also highly recommend doing a bit of research online on positions, postures, and styles that resonate with you. 
Understanding what attracts you, what these convey, and how they align with your brand can be insightful.
Additionally, when it comes to poses, it's important to aim for a relaxed and confident appearance. 
Try to choose a pose where you look relaxed and self-confident. You can opt for a serious expression or a smile, but avoid looking overly stressed. 
Always consider the message you want to convey with the chosen image that represents you.
Regarding clothing, keep in mind that each piece conveys a different image, so be attentive to details. 
The choice of clothing should also be influenced by the platform where the photos will be presented. For instance, the image we create for LinkedIn may differ from an Instagram photo, as the goals on these platforms vary. 
In any case, feel free to seek the assistance of the photographer and stylist and consult about clothing choices.
I'm dedicated to making the process collaborative and enjoyable, ensuring that your vision and message come across effectively in the photos. If you have any further questions or concerns about styling and poses, please don't hesitate to ask.
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