Hi welcome to the studio,
I'm excited to work together on capturing the essence of your brand through our upcoming photoshoot. 
We aim to ensure that both of us are aligned, fostering a productive and creative collaboration.
While I'll provide guidance and direction throughout the process, being well-prepared enhances the experience and allows us to create visuals that perfectly encapsulate your brand. 
This guide will help you arrive at the consultation with clear expectations, personal insights, and a shared vision of the outcome.
Thank you for your commitment to making this partnership a success. 
Let's dive in and prepare for a conversation that lays the foundation for remarkable images reflecting your personal brand's essence.
Looking forward
Warm regards,
Dana Goshen
1. Personal Customization: 
Let's begin by uncovering the heart of your brand.
Tell about your role in your field – who you are, what you do.
Share your professional insights, what matters to you, and your aspirations. 
Those are the core values that shape your presence.

2. Target Audience: 
Describe your ideal audience – the individuals you want to connect with through your brand. Understand their preferences, values, and what appeals to them. 
You can characterize them by profession, location, personality, style, and interests.
This will guide us in tailoring the visuals to captivate your target audience.

3. Visual Differentiation:
his is the moment to fully embrace what makes you, well, you. 
Your unique qualities are the secret ingredients that help you connect. 
Showcase what sets you apart in your industry. 
It might be your characteristics, style, approach, philosophy, innovation, or the challenges you've tackled. 
Share visuals that mirror your brand's identity – think colors, symbols, images, sounds, and vibes.

4. Promotional Messages: 
These messages convey emotions and qualities tied to your brand. 
Consider your brand values and your audience's preferences while shaping these messages.
For instance, if your brand is centered around innovation and creativity, your promotional messages might include highlighting your dynamic approach to problem-solving, your willingness to think outside the box, and your commitment to pushing boundaries in your field. 
By outlining these messages, you guide the photographer in capturing images that convey these specific qualities, helping you create a coherent and compelling personal brand image.

5. Appropriate Messages: 
Consider the platforms where the images will be showcased – your website, social media, and marketing materials. 
Tailor the messages to suit each platform while maintaining consistent branding across all.

6. Effective Performance: 
Reflect on your strengths and comfort zones. 
What environments make you feel most authentic and confident? 
Share any specific poses or settings that align with your brand's story.

7. Wardrobe and Styling: 
Select outfits that harmonize with your brand's identity. 
If there are specific colors, patterns, or styles that resonate with your audience, incorporate them into your wardrobe choices.

Think about the locations that align with your brand's vibe. 
Would an urban setting, your workspace, or a nature backdrop be ideal? 
Locations play a crucial role in communicating your brand story.

9. Props and Accessories: 
Consider incorporating props or accessories that symbolize your brand's values or your profession. 
These elements can enhance the storytelling aspect of the images.

10. Timeline and Coordination: 
Ensure you have a clear timeline leading up to the photoshoot day. 
This includes scheduling appointments for grooming, hair, and makeup if desired. Coordinate any necessary logistics for the shoot.

By delving into these aspects, we'll be able to tailor our photoshoot to create imagery that embodies your personal brand's essence.

I am here to guide you through this process and capture your story authentically.

Please note that there are photography packages on the website that you can choose from as you wish. 
You can also find answers to frequently asked questions; both for commercial photography days and for purchasing artworks to display.

Feel free to reach out & share any questions or ideas at any stage.

Looking forward to capturing your brand's uniqueness on camera!
All the best to you, 
Dana Goshen
Thank you!
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