Can I request a different size for the photograph to fit my exhibition space?

I produce limited editions but also retain a copy for display purposes.
I reserve the right to open another edition with adaptations, depending on the exhibition's nature and significance. 
This is done to add value without detracting from previous editions, enhancing the work's appeal to collectors, and contributing to raising the perceived and overall economic value of the work. 
Therefore, I can accommodate requests for different sizes of the photograph to ensure it fits your exhibition space perfectly, as long as it serves the essence of the artwork and the curatorial theme. 
I understand some  exhibition may have specific requirements and concepts that necessitate adjustments to the artwork

Do you offer any customization options for the artwork, such as cropping or color adjustments?

I'm open to customization options, including cropping, color adjustments, and framing variations, catering to the unique demands of different exhibitions.
 These adjustments have the potential to significantly impact the mood, visual impact, and overall presentation of the artwork. 
Requests for customization are always considered thoughtfully, with each case handled individually. 
Decisions are made carefully to ensure that the artwork complements the exhibition's theme and our shared goals, without compromising the essence of the work or the artist's style.
 My ultimate aim is to provide you with flexible artwork that seamlessly aligns with the needs, context, and creative vision of the exhibition.

Are there any limitations to resizing without compromising the quality of the artwork?
Resizing artwork can impact its quality, particularly if you're making it significantly larger than its original size. 
The limitations to resizing without compromising quality are determined by the resolution and size of the original image. 
When you enlarge an image, it can become pixelated or lose sharpness if it goes beyond its native resolution. 
To maintain high-quality results when resizing, it's crucial to work with the original image at the highest resolution possible. 
Enlarging it slightly or within a reasonable range typically won't affect quality significantly. 
However, if you need a much larger print, I can use techniques like upscaling algorithms to mitigate quality loss during resizing.
However, these methods may have limitations and may not always produce the desired results. 
The best approach is to collaborate closely with me to determine the optimal size for your needs while preserving the artwork's quality

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